Balloon Filling and Guarantees

Balloons Purchased from Dakota Party at our Store

Dakota Party does guarantee all of our balloons we fill from our store. In general, Mylar balloons are guaranteed 48 hours (indoors) and latex balloons for 24 hours (indoors)

If purchasing a day ahead, we recommend storing the balloons inside at regular room temperature for longest floating life. If your balloons are in a bag, we recommend taking them out of the bag when you get home. If using balloons outside, wait until the last possible time as weather, wind and other factors will reduce the floating life and possibly pop your balloons. We cannot guarantee balloons used outdoors.


Balloons Not Purchased from Dakota Party

Due to quality and floating issues of outside balloons, we DO NOT fill balloons purchased elsewhere. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you for your understanding.